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Dushica Labovich is a writer from Montenegro whose books have been translated into several languages. She holds the masters’ degrees in philosophy and psychotherapy. She is a lover of metaphysics, art, philosophy of ancient cultures, new age and spirituality. Labovich writes novels that entertain, inspire, transform and teach something that is rarely talked about or missed in history and make us become better, smarter and wiser. She is a happy wife and a mother of two children and lives with her family in Budva and Moscow. 
Dushica Labovich writes in genre: fantasy/adventure fiction, new age and spirituality, thriller&suspense, romance, poetry.

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The Notebook meets Pride and Prejudice

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Set in beautiful castles in the middle of the twentieth century, this is a story about Doris Rose the daughter of an English oligarch who cannot forget the poor young man who stole her heart a long time ago when her parents forcefully separated them.
But love has the power to turn the dark tragedy of their past into a miracle.
Reborn as one of the richest men in England, the former poor boy from her childhood returns to her parents’ lives…
Morally marred by lies, deception and secrets from her parents’ past, the former mistress of Magnolia Castle, Doris Rose, is forced to abandon her wealth and join the working class. She blames the very man she secretly loves for her misfortune. The oligarch’s plans and the pride of the girl who has lost everything become the only things that tie two people who secretly love one another.

Wisdom to Create a Life of Passion, Happiness, and Success.

An inspiring novel about the incredible power of the human heart, about our ingenious abilities to understand the people and the world around us.

After her mother’s death, Po closes all doors to the outside world, which are already scarce in her life. Exactly at the moment when she needs salvation, an old man enters her life. Denver is a descendant of an ancient discipline, which, according to the legend, can make a man immortal. However, he has one more goal… To entice her to go on a journey with him, Denver promises to help Po find the elixir which returns eyesight. On that journey, she begins to reveal one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. People who are able to see with their physical eyes are actually blind! Among the great changes that close her frightened body even more in its shell, a voice emerges and she starts talking with it. That voice follows her in almost every situation and, through the ancient discipline, she discovers what it is and exactly what it means. Disappointed by the refusal of one of the healers in the mountains of Tibet, she falls into despair, not knowing that she still didn’t learn how to recognize real help. While she is desperate, the old man reveals to her the first steps in following the ancient discipline, which, in fact, aims to perceive the world through ones inner self. Through this experience, the heroine doesn’t even anticipate that she will soon encounter a confirmation of the hidden potentials of her own body. Her inner vision slowly becomes even more important than the desire to restore the eyesight of her physical eyes…

ENSO is a world of freedom, bamboo forests, high peaks and mountain lakes, ancient villages and enlightened people who know the wisdom of the world as if it were their own possession, internal. Despite the fact that the heroine in this story is blind, her world is filled with sunlight, the sounds of lakes and rivers, the wind, the scents of plants and the bright colours of China and Tibet. The strange journey undertaken by our main heroes, Denver and Po, actually reveals the mysterious journey of every man, his internal workings and his relationships with other humans, nature itself, the universe…


An inspirational novel about possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.
The story of Antonio, the hero of this allegorical fairy tale, is a story about the real world, about his innocence and misconceptions, about discovering the most valuable secrets of existence, of which one is of invaluable: „It’s never too late to know the souls of other men, but before that, it is much more important to know your own.“
The lesson of his journey is very reminiscent to the words from the book „The Little Prince“: „I shouldn’t have listened to her. One should never listen to roses. One must admire them and breathe their fragrance.

Mine perfumed all my planet, but I did not know how to enjoy her.“
Since our birth, our hearts are filled with imagination and energy so unusual that to us it looks like we can build bridges and cities. But there are few who can actually reveal the secret and essence of those same bridges and cities! For that one has to cross a long path in life, changing with every turn and every encounter, to teach himself to listen, accept and be grateful for the precious crumbs of wisdom that, at chosen crossroads, destiny gives us. However, this story tells us something entirely new, something completely different and more acceptable, and again, something we forgot after childhood: „Listen to your heart. Only then, on the path to fulfilling a dream, there cannot be any obstacles.“
By opening this book, you enter a magical world that can certainly point toward discovering the secret of all those bridges and cities you imagine through life.

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